© Faourouz Sadaoutchi

In this blog, I interviewed a young lady, who’s origin lies like mine in Togo. Her name: Faourouz Sadaoutchi, 27 and currently living in Duisburg, Germany. Faourouz has two interesting professions: read below what makes her so special.

Q: Tell me, how did it come that you have such special professions?

FS: First, I did an apprenticeship as an assistant tax adviser because my parents wanted me to do something useful. Therefore, I finished my apprenticeship and started studying fashion design. Shortly before I had finished my studies in fashion, a friend of mine who was working for Lufthansa and asked me if I was interested working for the company – so that’s how I became a flight attendant now.

Q: Which of both professions do you like most and why?

FS: Fashion is my passion! I love to create art, to accoutre people and to distract them from their worries and problems.

Q: Have your ever experienced any difficulties being a black flight attendant? If yes, which kind of difficluties?

FS: Unfortunately, yes. There was a passenger on board who did not want to be served by me because of my skin colour. I was glad that my whole crew stood behind me.

Q: To which places have you been so far as working as a flight attendant? Which place did you like the most?

FS: Oh, I have seen a lot of quite a lot of places. I have visited all continents besides Australia. The life-enhancing thing about my job is that I still visit places which I think would never have visited like Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

Q: As I already mentioned, you are also a designer. What do you like the most about this job?

FS: As a fashion designer, I like the fact that most of the people do not care where I am from because it is my art which speaks for me- that makes me happy. I can be myself without being judged.

Q: What do you want to express with your designs/ clothes?

FS: I want to create fashion for everyone. My costumers shall wear my designs and should be able to see themselves. I use my fashion to reclaim political issues and to inform people.

Q: Do you think that it is more difficult for an African designer to work in Germany? If yes, why?

FS: I cannot say much to that question because I have not tried to break into the German fashion industry yet.

Q: You are from Togo, but you live in Germany. Could you imagine going back one day? What would be a reason to go back to Togo?

FS: I will definitely go back to Africa. But I do not know if it will be Togo, Ghana or another African country. What I can say is that all my designs will be produced in in Africa. Now, some prototypes are being sewed. I would like to give something back to Africa, that is why I try to generate new jobs and ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace.

Q: Which advice would you give young people who would like to fill in your shoes?

FS: Do not ever stop doing what you love, not matter what people say. If you have a passion for something – DO IT. If you do not take chance, you will never know how you do it better or even to get where you want to be.

Q: If you had three wishes free, what would that be?

FS: I would wish my parents wealth. A world without wars and peace for every human being.

It makes me super happy seeing another sister of mine having such a success. I am excited seeing African women following their dreams and paving the way for the younger generation. Dear, Faourouz thank you for being a role model, especially for young African ladies out there! I wish you nothing but the BEST for you and your work as a fashion designer and flight attendant.

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